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Surfshark was one of the most affordable VPNs for torrenting we came across. For just $1.99 a month, we could have total Internet privacy and protection. That being said, the $1.99 price was for a two-year subscription. We felt comfortable committing to the lengthy extension because of Surfsharks 30-day money-back guarantee.

On the one hand, you want a VPN that secures your connection and reroutes it so you can’t be tracked. This is the basic, most fundamental function of a VPN, so any service worth its salt can handle this part. Problem is that there are more than a few untrustworthy players out there that don’t meet this basic criterion.

Imagine a world where torrenting is secure, fast, and worry-free. Let’s dive into NordVPN, one of the best VPNs for Torrenting Reddit users has consistently raved about. With its proven track record and easy-to-use interface, NordVPN delivers an exceptional torrenting experience. As a result, Betternet is better suited as a tool guaranteed to destroy your privacy, far from protecting it. The worrying fact is that many such free torrent VPN services seem innocuous and safe at the forefront but have dodgy logging policies and actually store users’ information for selling.

  • These services will help protect your privacy when downloading torrents, going about your day-to-day browsing, and when relying on public Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Therefore, it’s important to do your research and choose a VPN that can truly keep you safe.
  • For instance, in Switzerland, you can do that as long as you don’t try to profit from it.
  • What’s illegal is downloading copyrighted or licensed content.
  • And while it has a strict no-logs policy, I wish it were audited like ExpressVPN.

One of our favorites is qBitTorrent because it has a ‘bind to VPN interface’ feature . In fact, WireGuard might be a good pick for torrenters looking to maximize their speeds, gamers who want a minimum of latency, and streamers who want to avoid buffering interruptions. However, if you’re only looking to mask your original IP, and want to boost your speeds, then it could be a viable option. With port forwarding and a kill-switch, as well as leak protection, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. I constantly find myself returning to NordVPN, and the consistent speeds are a huge part of the reason why. I’ve never encountered low-quality streams or sluggish web pages when connected to a NordVPN server.

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The Network Lock kill switch automatically blocks the internet if the VPN connection is ever interrupted. Network Lock is available on ExpressVPN’s apps for Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, and router apps, but unfortunately not on iOS devices. However, torrenting on an iPhone or iPad is more complicated and less common anyway, as there are no BitTorrent clients on the iOS App Store. While the top torrent clients won’t give you a virus, you might still get infected if you download a malicious file. Yes, using a torrent client to download torrents is legal as long as you download files in the public domain.

It allows torrenting through all torrent clients on 5000+ of its servers. It’s easy to find a nearby server to get fast downloads and the best connection speeds. On top of that, NordVPN displays the load percentage for each server, so you can tell which servers are overcrowded and which aren’t. Betternet – This is priced steeply but lacks essential security features. So, one can say that it is another poor choice for torrenting.

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A case in early 2018 saw 400,000 users hit by a malware outbreak caused by a Russian torrenting client. Every time you download a torrent, it’s a good idea to scan it with good, up-to-date antivirus software. If the website you downloaded from has a comments section, other users might have already posted about potential threats. This is especially true for software and video games containing many files, making it easier to hide malicious files. This provider uses shared IP addresses and follows a no-logs policy.

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Best VPNs for Linksys Router in 2023 Best VPNs for Linksys router.

Posted: Tue, 14 Mar 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

We did not face any connection drops or bandwidth throttling while downloading torrents. During our testing, we recorded an average download speed of 82 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. CanadaFranceGermanyPolandUnited StatesUnited KingdomAfter setting up the VPN, we were able to connect to the servers without any problems. We did not suffer any connection dropouts or bandwidth throttling while downloading torrents.

List of thе Best VPN for Torrenting

You need to invest in a strong VPN with encryption that will protect you from copyright trolls and ISP trackers. The best VPN for torrenting should have ports forwarding turned off by default. It should also prevent DNS leaks and trigger the kill switch as soon as the connection runs low to ensure your IP address, location, and torrenting activity remains anonymous.

If your 10 best vpns for torrenting is secure and doesn’t store any identifying logs, then you should be able to torrent while connected to a VPN in any country. Streaming video from Popcorn Time relies on torrents as a source. While you might not be downloading files you found on ThePirateBay directly to your hard drive, make no mistake that using these tools makes you no less liable in the eyes of the law.


The Business VPN service, on the other hand, keeps your business protected when your employees are surfing the Internet. The VPN services have been provided for both macOS and Windows. Specializes in securing the privacy of the users – individuals and organizations – while surfing the Internet and thus does not keep track of the activities of the clients.

A good for torrenting free will keep you safe from such actions since no one will trace any activities back to you. Some VPNs come with extra perks such as improved throttle speed and a no-logs policy that leaves no window for anyone to see whatever you are doing online. If you are concerned about privacy and security when streaming media such as Netflixa VPN will ensure 100% anonymity. You can stream all kinds of media and no one can trace the activity to your devices. The boost in speed also allows you to stream and download fasteralthough you need a premium VPN with more features and capabilities. A VPN is useful when you want to remote access work or home servers while traveling.

It allows you to send or share data over public networks anonymously by encrypting your web traffic and hiding your IP addresses from Internet Service Providers. If you still want to use the best VPN free for torrenting, you can try Windscribe, which is a secure option. But, it only offers 10 GB of free data per month, which might not be enough for users with extensive downloading or uploading needs.

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PureVPN vs CyberGhost: which VPN is better in 2023?.

Posted: Tue, 14 Mar 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

The best part is that its files are small, but the quality isn’t compromised, so it’s great for anyone, regardless of internet speed. Some of them are, but most free VPNs have speed caps and data limits. The VPNs shortlisted here all had speeds fast enough for torrenting.

While PIA is headquartered in the US, I was pleased to find that an independent audit confirmed that PIA doesn’t log user data. This confirmation assured me that my torrent activity is always safe and anonymous. On average, my speed dropped around 44%, from 115Mbps to 64Mbps.


This means if your VPN service is located in one of these countries, the government can access your browsing data regardless of what physical safety features your VPN offers. There are a few VPNs that didn’t make our list of the top-three best VPNs for torrenting. Although these VPN services have excellent features, they lack either the speed or full data privacy to be considered the best torrenting options. While the extra security is good, we don’t like that Threat Protection Lite won’t work unless you’re connected to your VPN — and it doesn’t delete any previously downloaded malware.

Download the VPN app or browser extension and connect to a nearby server that allows P2P connections. It was necessary for us to remember that speed could vary based on a variety of elements, including how far away we were from the server, our operating system, or the device itself. That being said, after conducting our tests, we decided the speed differences between the VPN being connected versus disconnected should be no more than 40 percent in any category. However, because of the varying factors that could play into speed, we ask readers to take these numbers with a grain of salt.


The VPN services in the chart at the top of this story are the ten services that had the least impact on download speed test results. As mentioned earlier, we’ve arranged them in descending order, meaning the VPN at the top had the least impact on download speeds. We looked primarily at download performance for this roundup, so be aware that some of these services may have lackluster upload or latency results even if they had excellent download results. Avast SecureLine VPN performed extremely well in our speed testing, but it lacks most of the features found among the best VPNs. It also eschews a monthly subscription option for a heftier upfront cost. While Avast SecureLine VPN’s download scores are sure to entice the speed-obsessed, other services on this list have a better all-around offering.

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You can also stream, torrent, and browse for free for up to 30 days with its money-back guarantee. I tested this to ensure that you’ll really get your money back. At first, the support team tried to give me an extended trial period — but they initiated my refund right away after I told them I wasn’t interested in the extension. No-logs policy — Independently audited no-logs policy that guarantees none of your information is logged while using CyberGhost.

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