How to Turn a Closet into an Office DIY

If your child needs help with their homework, use some chalk to work out the problem. She started by measuring the space, so she could find a small desk and chair that would fit perfectly into the nook. The most laborious part of the process was applying wallpaper around the space—Clark chose peel and stick, so it’ll come off easily when or if she wants to take it down.

With custom made to order components, shelving, rods, cabinets, islands, countertops, and storage systems, all you have to do is imagine the possibilities for your custom closet design. This design by Klassen Remodeling & Design features a closet-turned-office that incorporates a built-in desk and shelving, as well as a cozy seating area for relaxing. Well-organized desk, once behind closed doors, nobody would know of its existence.

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Upgraded pocket, barn, or accordion-style doors are a nice bonus for keeping things looking tidy when you’re working, but aren’t a must-have. Which is why it might sound a little outrageous to suggest sacrificing a closet to use the space for something else. But if you can stand the lost storage, you can transform that little bit of spare square footage into the perfect spot for that thing you need but just don’t have the space for. So while closet conversions certainly aren’t for the faint of heart, here are six projects that might be worth the trade. Who hasn’t dreamed of a closet makeover that turns a dull and ordinary space into something wonderful?

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This design by Applegate Tran Interiors features a closet-turned-office that incorporates a built-in desk and shelving, as well as a custom bench and storage. Fun, trendy colored doors splendidly picked for the built-in desk area meant to be seen, not hidden. In this design by Kristy Kropat Design, a closet is repurposed as a cozy and inviting workspace, with a custom desk and shelving, as well as a comfortable chair and plenty of natural light.

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Another excellent small office design is to build a flexible storage wall structure with floor-to-ceiling supports and brackets. Open storage systems do offer complete control over the storage area. Not only can you get shelves of any depth, but useful pegboard-style panels or drawers can be added in too for stationery. Make the importance of a home office, like a closet office, into something breathtaking with the help or a feature wall of shelving or pinned pictures.

  • The most common types of lighting for a closet are recessed lights, strip lights or track lights.
  • Then, she gutted and reframed the closet to expand the opening and give herself a little more work space.
  • Well-organized desk, once behind closed doors, nobody would know of its existence.
  • Measure from the back wall to the interior lip of the threshold to ensure that all of your office equipment like printers and scanners will fit with the closet door closed.
  • When Ariel Meadow Stallings of Offbeat Empire needed room for baby, she converted the walk-in closet (below, left) in her one-bedroom condo into a nursery (below, right).
  • Larger ones are big enough that you can close yourself in for privacy and quiet.
  • A cedar closet was transformed into a cottage-chic freestanding desk area for writing.

A closet makes a great nursery for a little one, since it’s often conveniently close to the parents’ sleeping space. We’re not showing how to wire your closet office here, but chances are you’ll want to add at least one electrical outlet and possibly cable, phone or network wiring. Keep in mind that the new National Electrical Code requires that closet outlets be arc fault protected. This means you’ll have to either connect to or add a circuit that’s protected by an arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI).

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